Leah Buckbee


Welcome to Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy & Wellness, LLC 

Our Clinic's Website Is Here to Help YOU Get Started! 

        Here, you can locate information about us, our home made products that we offer in store, as well as the most important part: why Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy was built!  To help you, regain, maintain, and strengthen your body's ability to heal and recover from ALL of life's stresses, through the use of massage therapy!  Our therapist, Leah, is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  She has a wide range of talents from the lightest touches needed to the deeper touches, and many things in between, to help you!

       We also nurture those who are aiming at becoming a Massage Therapist by working with colleges who offer a Mentoring Program for students needing clinical hours!  They are able to work in a Real Time Clinical Setting, learning business, scheduling and public relations of a massage clinic as well as honing the mastery of each modality they have learned up to now! 


         Leah is also very talented with Canine Massage as well as Equine Massage!  She has been working with Equine since 2000 and Canines since 2008.  Now, she is opening up the world of Medical Massage here to help them the way she helps us people!  (Equine are done by appointment and off site at Buckbee Ranch.)   Here, she has the facilities to handle both small and large animals! This is by appointment only!  Please text or call her at 402.309.3800 to make your pet's appointment!



           She will work with you and coach you in many different aspects of stress, how to work through, and how massage therapy ties it all together to help you stay above the physical, mental and emotional pain that we experience.



We look forward to Serving You, Your Family, And Your Pets!  Please contact us if you have questions or comments!